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Drive Friendly, Drive Safe: Texas Refocuses its Motto on Safety

“Drive Friendly, Drive Safe.” This past summer, the Texas Department of Transportation enhanced its former motto “drive friendly” to add an additional official emphasis on safe driving in its ongoing effort to bring down the number of motor-vehicle accidents and fatalities in the state.

In its campaign, TxDOT specifically hopes to raise awareness of important driving behaviors that impact road safety including:

  • The need for drivers to be particularly alert for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • The importance for motorists to be careful in highway work zones
  • The necessity of adjusting driving speed according to road conditions like wet pavement

Pedestrian and Cyclist Fatalities

In 2011, data from TxDOT reveals that motor vehicles in the state hit thousands of walkers and bicyclists, causing the deaths of 418 pedestrians and 45 bikers.

In its 2008 National Pedestrian Crash Report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that Texas was one of the top three states (Houston was listed as one of the top five cities) for pedestrian fatalities.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Texas has ranked among the top states in highway work-zone accident fatalities. Every driver knows how challenging it can be to safely maneuver through road construction with its confusingly rerouted lanes, narrowed or eliminated shoulders, and unexpected changes in speed limits. The driving difficulty is heightened in darkness, fog or rain.

Adjust for Road Conditions

In addition to road work zones, TxDOT warns Texans to remain aware that road conditions can become suddenly precarious with weather changes and natural disasters. Drive Texas is a TxDOT website that provides travelers with current road conditions throughout the state.

Seek Legal Advice

Despite the efforts of TxDOT, accidents will continue to happen when motorists drive drunk, drugged or distracted; when they do not follow traffic laws; and when they act negligently or recklessly. If you or a loved one is harmed in a motor-vehicle accident where another was at fault, talk to an experienced Texas personal injury attorney about your rights and potential legal remedies.