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Ford Recalls Millions of F-150 Pickups

Ford F-150 owners have good reasons to worry. Millions of the vehicles have been recalled in the past two months due to auto defects; some models have faulty airbags while others have gas tank issues that can cause the truck to catch fire. As the F-series are the bestselling vehicles in America, plenty of Americans need to take action before they suffer injuries as a result of these defects.

Rogue Airbags

After recalling 144,000 F-150s in February, Ford expanded its airbag-related recall to 1.32 million vehicles last month. After the airbag warning light has been illuminated for an “extended” time, the driver’s side front airbags in the affected models can unexpectedly deploy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that at least 269 unexpected deployments have occurred resulting in at least 98 injuries. The injuries include chipped teeth, neck and back injuries and permanent vision damage.

Rotten Gas Tank Straps

Other models of the F-150 are proving to contain fuel tank straps which can corrode, break and ultimately cause the fuel tank to tilt and/or fall onto the road. Ford announced recently that this recall affects 2.7 vehicles from the model years 1997-2001. This recall is even more serious than the airbag recall as strap breakage can cause a hole to rip in the fuel tank, sparks to ignite the gasoline and allow the truck to catch fire. At least two such fires have been reported so far. Over 200 full fuel-tank drops or tilts causing the tank to drag on the ground had been reported as of May 9.

Taking Action

It is important to stay educated about possible recalls affecting your vehicle. The NHTSA website has information and procedures that consumers should take in accordance with each type of recall. Once your vehicle has been recalled, it is your responsibility to take it to the dealer to be repaired for free. An astonishing 30 percent of motorists fail to obtain recall-related repairs. When your safety and the safety of your family is at stake, taking the time to make necessary defect repairs needs to become a priority.