Cement Truck Crash Leaves Motorist Dead

A recent early morning collision with a cement truck in San Antonio left one driver dead and closed the road for several hours as emergency crews worked to free the victim and clear debris. According to reports, the driver of a pickup heading north on Green Mountain Road crossed into the southbound lane on a […]

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Stuck Truck Woes from an Overload

Although hearing about 18-wheeler truck accidents in the news may seem commonplace, witnessing one first hand is anything but—especially when a semi-truck is driving under an overpass that’s too small. This may sound humorous to some, but it can become a real problem for anyone else on the road with the truck. Recently, there have […]

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Getting Off a School Bus Can Be Risky Business

It’s that time of year again: back to school for millions of children across America. The hustle and bustle of getting your kids packed and on the bus in the morning can be an exciting time. For many parents, however, it can be nerve racking sending their children on a bus, hoping they get to […]

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“Pokémon Go” Meant for Walking, Not Driving

The new augmented reality game “Pokémon Go” has been a huge hit, but it’s also brought up some very real worries about a different kind of hit, and one that’s a lot more dangerous: motor vehicle collisions. Just as with all smartphone apps, it’s not meant to be used while driving. Yet despite several warning […]

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Gear Every Motorcyclist Should Own

High speeds, roaring winds, open skies–these are all aspects of motorcycling that many people find appealing. Indeed, many motorcyclists purchased their vehicles to escape the confines of standard motorized cars and trucks. And there’s no better place than Texas to experience wide open roads beneath a clear blue sky. However, the heightened freedom of a […]

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What is a Trademark?

  If you are a business owner, you likely understand the importance of your business image. Essentially, your business image is how both your peers, competitors, and customers view you and your company. Smart business owners not only recognize the importance of their business image, but also strive to meld it with positive ideals and […]

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Man in blue car smiling and giving a thumbs up

10 Driving Tips and Tricks for Informed Drivers

Whether you’re looking for ways to save fuel or to better protect yourself behind the wheel, there are many helpful driving tips.   Here are 10 of the best driving tips and tricks to help you be a more informed and better-prepared driver.   Semi Insights From I-20 to I-35, semi trucks are a common […]

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Man inspecting product for quality at warehouse with woman writing information on clipboard

5 Things You Need to Know About Product Recalls

From the peanut butter recall in 2009 due to salmonella, to the Blue Bell ice cream recalls due to listeria, product recalls are an everyday reality. Manufacturers are required to make safe products and retailers are held responsible for selling safe products.   When a product is defective and can harm consumers, a product recall […]

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Vehicle's back right tire blowout

What You Need to Know About Tire Blowouts

On Sunday, April 24, three people were traveling westbound on Highway 31 when a tire blew out on their Ford Crown Victoria. The tire blowout caused the 22-year-old driver to lose control, rolling the car several times. The accident threw two teenage passengers, who weren’t wearing seat belts, out of the car.   Miraculously, all […]

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