Black SUV driving through a puddle of rain on the road

Driving in the Rain: 5 Important Parts of the Vehicle to Maintain

Heavy rains are predicted for cities across Texas this week, including Tyler, Texas. While it’s important to maintain your car regularly, here are 5 parts of your vehicle you especially need to make sure are functioning properly for driving in the rain.   Headlights & Brake Lights If your headlights or brake lights aren’t working, […]

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Car made out of United States fifty and hundred dollar bills

5 Ways to Slow Your Vehicle’s Depreciation

Is there anything quite like that new car smell? A new vehicle is an exciting purchase. However, the very moment you drive your new vehicle off the lot, it loses about 10% of its value. By the end of the first year, your vehicle will be worth almost 20% less than what you paid for […]

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Road Work Ahead sign next to barriers with flashers on road with construction with beautiful blue sky and white whispy clouds

Work Zones: What Drivers Need to Know

There are about 15,000 accidents and over 100 people killed each year in highway construction and maintenance zones around Texas. Work zones are dangerous for both drivers and the workers.   Here are 3 things you need to know when driving through work zones.   Obey the Signs In order to be considered a work […]

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Aerial view of intersection with car turning left Los Angeles, CA

Intersection Danger in Smith County, TX

People living near The Villages on Lake Palestine are voicing their concern over a dangerous intersection at FM 2661 and County Road 1261 in Flint, Texas. On Monday, April 4, two Austin residents were killed and three other people were injured in a three-vehicle accident at the intersection, just southwest of Tyler, Texas.   The […]

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White Tailed Baby Deer Crossing Road with deer in background coming from forest

Animals on the Road: 4 Incredible Rescues

On Sunday, April 3, traffic was halted on the Bay Bridge in California as police officers tried to apprehend an animal on the road. A chihuahua led the chase on the upper level of the bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco. Police safely cornered the dog and he’s now being kept with the Department of […]

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Speedometer of vehicle at 0

3 Reasons Why Speed Limits Are Important

Beginning today and running through Sunday (April 1 – 3), Beeville, Texas is hosting The Texas Mile. In this event, people from all over North America come to see how fast their vehicles can go on a 1 mile track with no speed limits.   The event allows drivers of many types of vehicles to […]

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Closeup of white car's left headlight shining on black background

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Headlights

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released its very first headlight ratings for 31 mid-size vehicles, all 2016 models. The findings revealed that most headlights offer drivers poor visibility at night, increasing the risk of car accidents at night, dusk, and dawn.   82 Headlights Tested Although only 31 mid-size cars were tested, there […]

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Line of cars parallel parked by urban sidewalk

5 Parallel Parking Tips

It’s one of the most dreaded parts of the driving test and can be one of the biggest obstacles between a 16-year-old and their driver’s license – parallel parking. Whether you’re parking in downtown Tyler or downtown Dallas, there are many places where drivers must parallel park. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind […]

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Stoplight on left against blue sky, all 3 lights illuminated

Texas Traffic Signals: What You Need to Know

On March 22, there was a two-vehicle wreck at the intersection of Loop 3232 and Old Bullard Road. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but this should remind us of the dangers of intersections, especially if a red light is run. Traffic lights serve an important purpose in controlling traffic and keeping drivers safe.   Here […]

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