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While public transportation may help to cut down on some of Austin’s heavy traffic, at any given time there are still massive numbers of cars on the road, making car accidents both inevitable and frequent. No matter how safe a driver you are, being in a car crash is very real risk every time you get behind the wheel, especially when distracted driving and other forms or negligence are practiced by the other drivers you share the road with.

For drivers who follow the rules but get injured in accidents where someone else was at fault, it’s important to have an experienced Austin car accident lawyer from Colley Firm P.C., LLP on your side. Seeking compensation for your injuries and losses can help you move forward and enable your recovery.

Common Causes of Austin Auto Wreck

Car accidents in Austin frequently happen without any warning to those involved. However, some of the more common causes could be completely avoided if drivers followed safety laws and paid attention while driving:

Some of the other common causes of car accidents include not following safety laws, dangerous roads, and bad weather. As you can see, in most cases accidents are caused by another driver’s negligence and are completely avoidable. Furthermore, if the agency or company responsible for maintaining the roads fails to do so, they could be responsible for your accident as well.

When any of these events happen and cause an accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation to help you recover from your accident and pay for your expenses. An Austin car accident lawyer from our firm can help you investigate your case, determine precisely who was responsible, and name all of the at-fault parties in your personal injury lawsuit.

Types of Austin Car Accidents

Just as there are many different causes of car wrecks, that are also several different types of motor vehicle accidents. It may seem irrelevant, but the type of wreck you were in is actually very important, as it could provide an indication of who was at fault and how:

  • Rear-End Collision – These accidents frequently happen at stop signs and lights. They are most often caused by distraction on the part of the driver coming from behind.
  • Head-On Collision – Head-ons can by some of the most destructive and deadly accidents possible. Distracted driving and drunk driving are frequent culprits.
  • Sideswipe – When one car’s side hits another’s, distraction and speeding are typically involved.
  • T-Bone Accident – Broadside accidents most frequently happen in intersections and generally involve driver distraction, drunk driving, and speeding.
  • Rollover Accident – Dangerous roads and speeding can play into these deadly accidents.

Your Austin car accident lawyer will use the circumstances of your crash to help determine who was to blame. Whether the at-fault party turns out to be an individual or a government agency, we’ll help you hold them accountable.

Financial Compensation for Car Crash Damages

Although most people are aware that they can seek damages to cover car repairs and medical expenses, you may have other accident-related losses you should be compensated for as well.

For example, you could be entitled to compensation for lost wages that resulted from time off from work as well as any medical equipment required by your injuries. Items compensation may cover include the following:

  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Caretaker expenses
  • Emotional trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Pain and suffering

Other types of damages you might claim include loss of affection or companionship and anything else you’ve endured as a result of your car crash. An Austin car accident lawyer from our office will examine the details of your wreck, injuries, and losses and help you seek compensation from those responsible.

Negotiate or Go to Court?

In many accident cases, it’s possible to arrive at a fair financial settlement without going to court. Whether your case will need to go to trial will depend entirely on the other side and whether they’re willing to make you an offer that will cover all of your expenses.

Your settlement should cover your medical needs both now and in the future. Insurance companies will often make low-ball offers with the hope that you’ll settle quickly and for far less than your case is actually worth. Your Austin accident lawyer will evaluate any offers you receive and advise you of whether they are fair.

If the other side won’t make you a fair settlement offer, then filing a personal injury lawsuit may become necessary. Even then, going to court may still be avoidable. Sometimes filing suit is what it takes to convince the other side to negotiate in good faith. If not, it may be necessary to go to court for a verdict. However your case plays out, you can rest assured that an auto wreck lawyer from our firm in Austin will represent and counsel you throughout the legal process.

Why You Need an Experienced Austin Car Accident Lawyer

Most of the time, negligent drivers aren’t going to be eager to accept responsibility—and neither are their insurance companies. You might not even be sure who was at fault for the accident or if you even have a case. An accident lawyer from Colley Firm P.C. can evaluate your claim and inform you of the best way to proceed.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident in Austin that was someone else’s fault, you could be entitled to financial compensation. While money won’t erase the accident, it can help you and your family move forward.

Our car accident lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free consultation or call us toll-free at 512-477-2001. Call today, and get started on the road to justice and financial recovery.

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