Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Determined Legal Representation for Serious Injury Victims

Most motorcyclists know another rider who has been injured in a crash, but we cannot anticipate all the challenges and pivotal life issues that arise if we become victims. Sadly, even a motorcyclist who takes all possible safety precautions can suffer life-changing injuries in a collision, a crash caused by taking evasive action, or other accident.

At Colley Firm P.C., in Austin and Tyler, our attorneys associate and identify with motorcyclists. In fact, trial lawyer Paul Colley Jr. is a longtime motorcycle rider and enthusiast. We will prioritize coming to your aid after a motorcycle crash, helping you deal with complex insurance issues and seeking just compensation through a lawsuit if that is the best course of action.

Targeting the Compensation You Need to Carry on After a Crash

We know from decades of experience with all types of motor vehicle accident cases that motorcycle victims face unique challenges, often beginning with injuries that may require costly, extensive medical treatment or even long-term care.

We are prepared to advocate for you after a motorcycle crash that has caused the wrongful death of a family member, or left you or a loved one with injuries such as:

  • Head trauma and traumatic brain injury
  • Severe back and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries that can cause quadriplegia, paraplegia or other permanently disabling medical conditions
  • Broken bones including compound fractures, severe tendon injuries and other injuries that may call for surgery and substantial rehabilitation
  • Loss of limb or surgical amputation injuries
  • Road rash and de-gloving injuries

Put an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Work for You

If your case calls for an East Texas or Austin motorcycle wreck lawyer with decades of trial experience, in-depth knowledge of motorcycle insurance and other types of coverage that may apply, and quality expert resources to build your case, contact us now.

You can receive a free, informative consultation focused on getting you the financial help you need. No added financial risk is required, because we charge no fees unless we take your case and succeed in getting compensation for you.