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Tyler Fatal Oilfield Accident Attorneys

Every roughneck knows that drilling work is dangerous work. You have to be tough and you have to be on your toes at all times. Most oilfield fatalities are not caused by the victim’s own actions, or can’t be blamed on the weather or the machinery. Closer examination often reveals that someone else’s carelessness or callous disregard for safety led to the accident.

If your family member died in an oilfield accident, the law firm of Colley & Colley, L.L.P., can conduct the sophisticated investigation to support a claim for wrongful death. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are committed to proving negligence and obtaining the full compensation that the survivors need and deserve when they have lost a loved one. Contact us today to discuss your legal remedies under Texas law.


Experienced Attorneys for Tyler & Longview Deadly Oilfield Accidents

From our offices in Austin and Tyler, we have handled oilfield accidents across East Texas, the Coastal Bend and statewide. Our veteran trial lawyers are familiar with the duties and working conditions on drilling rigs, the safety regulations, the machinery and equipment, and other facets of the drilling industry. We also have access to engineers and industry experts, many of whom were toolpushers, drillers and motormen themselves, who can help us demonstrate the human error or corporate liability that took your loved one’s life:

  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Safety equipment violations
  • Defective machines or blowout preventers
  • Neglected maintenance or repair
  • Disabled safety mechanisms
  • Falling hazards
  • Explosion or fire hazards

We have successfully sued oil companies, subcontractors, lease holders, manufacturers and other entities accountable for preventable oilfield deaths because they put profits and expediency ahead of worker safety.


Committed to the Needs of Grieving Families

No amount of money ever truly equates to justice. However, a wrongful death lawsuit does recognize both the economic hardships created when a breadwinner’s income is lost and all the other ways that a person’s untimely death takes something away from the family. Our legal team works to maximize compensation for lost earnings, loss of consortium, loss of love and companionship, loss of parenting and household contributions, and other tangible ways the deceased is missed.

You can count on Colley & Colley for compassion and personal attention throughout this difficult period, beginning with a free case evaluation. Call 844-325-9290 or contact us today to discuss your case with experienced Tyler oilfield wrongful death lawyers.